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Job Requests

The various services in the prototyping lab are available at recharge. There are different rates for internal users (i.e., UCSD affiliated) and external users, see side tabs. 

When you use our prototyping services, the cost will be calculated based on the amount of man-hours spent by our engineers and/or students on design, testing and machining. In addition, any time we need to run specific machines is charged as listed (our time on operating the machines is additional; however, some machines only need to be set up and do not required constant supervision). When you approach us with a design job, we will provide you with a comprehensive quote. Also, we can assist you in the selection and purchase of the materials. If you would want more information about our capabilities or are looking for something more specific you can fill out an information request form.

A highly used service is 3D printing. If you have your own design (.stl file), the cost will typically be 1 hour of student time (for setup and post-processing) in addition to the cost associated with the 3D printer run time (which already includes the cost of material). When you fill out the request an estimate form, we will get back to you with a detailed cost estimate, that doesn't setup and post-processing, based on the run time the 3D printer software generates for your design.