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Lab Safety Training

 You must take care to complete the required training checklist and then give it to the Prototyping Lab safety contact person where you will be working where it will be kept on file. 

UCSD New Laboratory Worker Checklist (PDF)

Lab Safety Training on Blink


All UC laboratory workers are required to complete the UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals online course.

At UC San Diego, all laboratory workers are required to complete 2 web-based courses on UC Learning Center to meet UCSD's basic lab safety training requirement:

  1. UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals, with refresher training required every 3 years
  2. Annual Laboratory Hazards Training, with refresher training required annually

Additional training requirements apply at UC San Diego.

Worker, as defined in the UC policy, is an individual who actively performs work functions with hazardous materials or equipment in a laboratory/technical area. A “worker” may be faculty, staff, student volunteer assisting in a non-academic class, or visitor/visiting scholar.

To complete Lab Safety training:

  1. Click the link to the course(s) above and sign on using your UCSD login
  2. Complete the course
  3. Download a certificate
  4. Email the certificate to the Prototyping lab
  5. Take the refresher training as needed