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Policies and Procedures

General Lab Rules

  1. Access to the various labs and facilities needs to be explicitly granted to each user, and may be limited in time duration, as well as time(s) of the day and/or day(s) of the week. A user should not be using the facility outside of those times, unless with express permission from the Prototyping Facility Senior Staff.
  2. Card reader access is a privilege and is not automatically extended to each user. E.g., for a group, such access may be reserved for a select subset of team members. As a result, it is possible that team members without card reader access may be unable to enter the facility when they are not accompanied by those team members with card privileges or when staff is present, even if it is during those times that they are allowed access.
  3. Do not leave the doors to the lab open if no staff of the Prototyping Facility is present. Always close the doors
    when you are the last person to leave the lab (even if you are only walking out for a minute).
  4. Do not let people into the lab when the doors are closed, unless they are member of your team.
  5. Equipment on hourly recharge and any equipment in times of increased usage must be reserved.
  6. Approval must be obtained before removing tools or equipment belonging to the Prototyping Facility from the labs.
  7. Approval must be obtained before leaving anything in the machine shop unattended. Items left in the machine shop will be treated as abandoned and will be removed and possibly disposed of.
  8. Some standard tooling (drills, end mills, blades, etc.) may be available for use but users should assume they will need to purchase their own tooling which must be approved before use in the shop.
  9. All materials must be approved for use in the lab and for use on any given machine.
  10. Return all tools to their proper storage when you are done using them for that day or when you will be not using them for an extended period of time.
  11. Users found misusing any equipment will be subject to disciplinary action. Lab access privileges may be revoked(lab fees will not be reimbursed).
  12. Please do not leave valuables unattended.
  13. Be respectful of other people's space, materials and tools.
  14. The design and assembly space is no place for loud and messy operations; use the shop.
  15. Use common sense and practice good shop etiquette.
  16. When assigned a work space, keep it uncluttered. Do not occupy work spaces not assigned to you.
  17. If you are unsure about something or need help, just ask; be willing to help others when you can.
  18. Food and beverages that are not offensive or disruptive may be enjoyed in the design and assembly space. No food or drinks in the shop.
  19. No pets are allowed (except when permission is given).
  20. Undergraduate students must also strictly follow the additional rules described below

Policies and Procedures for Undergraduates

  • During extended business hours and after hours:
    • Students are not allowed to work alone, and another authorized user has to be present.
  • During after hours:
    •  Students must have signed and submitted the After Hour Waiver for Undergraduate Students with their
  • Request for Access:
    •  Access to the Machine Shop, the Wet Etch Lab or the Laser Cutter Room is not allowed.
    •  Students cannot operate any machines.
    •  Students are not allowed to solder, unless a qualified supervisor is present. A qualified supervisor could be a postdoc, researcher, professor or university staff who are themselves an authorized user of the Prototyping Facility, and trained and proficient in soldering.
    • Another authorized user has to be present at all times.
    • Students can only enter those parts of Atkinson Hall they have been given access to.
    • Students cannot let anyone else into the building or lab (unless specifically approved).
    • Students are “liable for instrument and lab condition to greater extend than during regular business hours”.
    •  If the students are not on the Calit2 payroll, they will need to notify the Design Studio by email in advance when they will be in the Studio. They also need to send an email when they leave.