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Lab Access

One of the ways in which you can interface with our facility, is to work with us in our space. The idea is that we don't simply do the entire design for you, but that you work with us on the project. To facilitate this type of collaboration, we provide you with space in our lab. This access can also include access to tools, equipment and machines, when appropriate.

Since the amount of space in our lab is limited, we give priority to groups who are most actively involved in joint activities and who use our design consulting services on their projects.

If you are interested in this type of collaborative design, the first step is discuss this would us, so we can jointly determine what setup would work for you. For our contact information, see our contact information. Once it is determined we will proceed, you will have to become an official lab member (see more under the Application tab on the left). Essentially, this boils down to signing a membership agreement, and some forms. This is to ensure every user can share the space in an effective and safe manner.