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Become a Member

To utilize any of the Prototyping Facilities you need to become an authorized user/member. This will automatically give you access to the Design and Assembly Space, including the tools there (but not the machines, such as the drill press or 3D printers). To get access to any of the specialized spaces, such as the Machine Room and its tools, the Wet Etch Lab or the Laser Cutter Room, you need to submit a separate request. In this request, you can also ask for access to machines. You are not allowed to use any machines until you have been explicitly approved to do so. All access and machine use permissions are only valid for certain hours/days, according to the hours of operation.

Anyone requesting access will have to take the EH&S general lab safety class "Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)", and submit their certificate of completion. If you have not already completed this class, schedule it before completing your Prototyping Facility application. Learn about what safety training is needed to get access to the lab. 


  • Prototyping Lab in Atkinson Hall room 1202
  • Machine Shop in Atkinson Hall room 1208